Tacos Near Me

Tacos Near Me Call **972.514.1477** Ricos Tacos Fajita al Pastor Chicken Tortas Mexicanas Burrito Hamburguesas Menudo Quesadillas Sopes 103 E 6th St Irving TX 75060 we have the philosophy of having the best standards of Quality to preserve the trust we have already generated and satisfied customers with our special flavor of Taqueria la Cortesia

Tacos Near Me

Tacos Near Me

In Tacos Near Me we know that Tacos is one of the traditional dishes in Mexican families’ food, every Mexican likes to have a hot tortilla to start their food at their table; At any time of the day an omelet is excellent food.

Maize tortillas are especially important in Mexican gastronomy, with tacos, golden tacos, flutes, quesadillas, enchiladas, chilaquiles, totopos, etc. Tortillas are eaten hot, always wrapping another food, such as meats, eggs, and various foods. The tacos are usually accompanied by some sauce. Taco, like any other manifestation of culinary culture in Mexico, is directly associated with the ingredients used in each geographical region of Mexico.

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Tacos al Pastor in Taqueria Tacos Near Me

Tacos of pork loin pieces marinated in a special sauce of TAQUERÍA LA CORTESIA. Delicious with their corn tortillas, with slices of pineapple, cilantro and onion. The tacos to Pastor of TAQUERÍA LA CORTESIA are without any doubt a delight to the palate of the customers.

  • Tacos Head / Cabeza We always select the best for your palate, do not forget to try these, add our morita sauce, a delight!
  • Gringa Girl Flour tortilla, beef steak and cheese
  • Gringa Grande Pork meat with cutlet, bacon and cheese in flour tortilla
  • Longaniza We cook it in its own juice along with gut, steak, head and cambray onions this gives an exclusive flavor!
  • Pastor / Pork A classic of the mexico and an exclusive tradition here in Taquería Irving Tx can not stop saying: one more please and with everything
  • Suadero We cook it in its own juice along with gut, sausage, head and cambray onions this gives an exclusive flavor!
  • Tripe / Tripas Fried tripe, disfute with coriander, onion and sauce of your choice

TORTAS MEXICAN in Tacos Near Me Simple Meat to the PORK. Change your meat to the pastor for steak or steak Special in Tacos Near Me Pastor meat, avocado and ham cheese Roasted onion Accompany your order with a roasted onion Chile Swiss Chopped poblano Chile fused with cheese and served with corn tortillas Melted cheese We use quality cheese that you will surely love! Served with hot flour tortillas Cheese / Quesadilla A classic that can never be missed Drinks in Tacos Near Me Fresh waters: horchata Jamaica Pineapple Refreshments in Tacos Near Me Coca Cola Diet Coke

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